Friday, May 22, 2009

What's new?

We went on a picnic to Dog Valley and it was really windy. Every time a big gust would come through the picnic site Bailey would stick her tongue out!
Reagan holding her bottle

Not much has been going on in our little family. The girls are right on track developmentally for their adjusted age which is a huge relief. We've been told since day 1 that our micro babies were going to face so many challenges and that they were really going to have to struggle, but we have been blessed that they have not. They are at such a fun stage grabbing everything they see and trying to sit up. They talk to each other and hold hands and get so excited when they see one another. They have each rolled a few times from tummy to back and Reagan held her bottle on her own the other day for about 30 seconds. The physical therapist and developmental specialist are so pleased with their progress. Mom and Dad are pretty proud of their little fighters too! After 6 and 1/2 months of giving the girls breast milk only I decided to stop pumping (sorry about the subject!). I couldn't keep up with them anymore and was having to feed them more often. My supply was decreasing because of the stress, so I stopped. They have to take a special preemie formula and they don't sell a lot of it at the store so every time we go in we buy every can that they have, usually 3 or 4. Our pantry looks like we're hoarding baby formula! The only other thing that is new lately is that I have taken up a new hobby. I am learning to quilt and so far I love it. Michael says he doesn't know how I can stand to sit there and cut out all those little squares perfectly, but I like it!