Friday, March 20, 2009

Look Mom, no oxygen!

That's right, Reagan is officially done with her oxygen. Here she is on Wednesday or as I like to call it,"no more O2 day." She loves parading around the house and has already been on a lunch date with Auntie Leah and Auntie Alisha for Leah's birthday. Grandma doesn't know she's off yet. Boy will she be surprised when she comes home from London! Reagan may even make an appearance at church this Sunday.

I don't know why everything is blue and underlined now, so forgive me. Sweet Bailey bug did not get to come off her oxygen because her machine did not record her data. That is okay though because we kept getting false readings which probably would have caused the doctor to keep her on for another 4 weeks. Instead, she will be doing another test next week and will hopefully be off in time for Easter!

In other news, the girls had their first trip to the ER on Tuesday night. On a side note, I've learned that the wait at the ER is veeeery short if you are pregnant, have a baby, or your skin and eyes have turned yellow. Tuesday evening, I noticed that both girls felt pretty warm. They had been sleeping most of the day and were grumpy when they were awake. Reagan's temp was 101.5 and Bailey was 100.8. At the advice of our awesome Brother-in-law (also known as our after hours physician, Thanks for all your help Brian!!) we took them to the ER. They had chest x-rays and RSV and flu swabs. The swabs came back negative and the x-rays were clear, leading the doctors to the conclusion that both girls had upper respiratory infections. We were sent home at 2 am Wednesday morning with instructions on how to keep the girls cool and to give them Tylenol every four hours. They did find that Reagan is missing some bone in her right arm up near her shoulder, so we will be seeing her pediatrician next Thursday to find out what testing he wants done to determine the cause. We will keep you updated. Prayers for her would be appreciated, because even though we are confident that it is nothing, there are some causes of missing bone that are a little unsettling.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Doctor's appointment update

The girls had another appointment with the pulmonologist yesterday. Bailey now weighs 10 lbs. 7 oz and is 20 inches long. Reagan is 8 lbs. 7 oz. and 19 1/2 inches long. They have grown so much in their little 5 month lives. Both girls did really well during the 10 minute room air test the doctor did. Even Reagan stayed up at 99-100 when she was upset. She lowered Bailey's oxygen flow from 50 cc's a minute to 25. So she is now on the same amount as her sister. We'll be doing another overnight room air test either late this week or early next week, but I have a feeling the girls still won't be coming off the O2. The doctor said that our areas RSV season has been extended through April, so once again she is "not in a hurry to take them off of the oxygen." She said to me "you'll be so glad once all of these tanks and tubes are gone." Umm, you think so? Sorry, that was mean, but she has obviously never had a child (let alone 2) holed up in her bedroom for 3 months because they're hooked up to equipment that makes it very difficult to travel. I really do like her though, especially when I told her we were waiting to bless the girls until they were equipment free and that I was afraid they would be a year old before they could be blessed. I know nothing of her religious views but her response was " the real blessing is that your girls are here and they are healthy." I guess I needed to be reminded of my many blessings and to stop having a pity party for myself. 

Monday, March 2, 2009

Me A-Z

I'm a bad blogger. I can't think of interesting things, so I either post dumb stuff or wait for a fun one that is pretty much already done for me. Like this...
A - Age: 23
B - Bed size:​​ King
C- Car you drive​:​​ Gold Hyundai. It's my grandparent's and I'm borrowing it while they're on their mission.
D - Dad'​​s Name:​​ Jeff
E - Essen​tial start​ your day item:​​ A kiss from my husband
F - Favor​ite actor​(​​s)​​:​​ Johnny Depp, Christian Bale and Daniel Craig
G - Gold or Silve​r:​​ white​ gold, preferably with some diamonds
H - Heigh​t:​​​ 5'2
I - Instr​ument​s you play(​​ed)​​:​​ I used to play the piano, but have since forgotten how. I have played the violin since I was 10.
J - Job title​:​ Mommy
K - Kid(​​s)​​:​​ 2 and you know all about them!
L - Livin​g arran​gemen​ts:​​ A weird question, but okay. In a house with my husband, daughters and dog.
M - Mom'​​s name:​ Lora
N - Nickn​ames:​​ Mal, Mally
O - Overn​ight hospi​tal stay other​ than birth​:​​ Tonsilectomy when I was 3, pre-term labor, gall stone removal (both last year)
P - Pet Peeve​:​​ I honestly can't think of one right now.
Q - Quote​s you like:​​ Okay, I love the office, so I have a lot of favorite quotes from there: "We're off like a herd of turtles", "Next time I'll let you get the cake and I can scream at the birthday girl." Those are just two of my current favorites.
R - Right​ or left hande​d:​​ Right​
S - Sibli​ngs:​​ Little sister and little brother.
T - Time you wake up: Whenever the girls decide they want to eat. Usually between 6 and 8.
U- Under​wear:​​ Under there. Under where?  Haha i made you say underwear..... (That was another weird one that I didn't have an answer to.)
V - Veget​able you disli​ke:​​ Squash. I have never liked it and to this day it makes me gag.
W - Ways you run late:​​ It used to be that I just couldn't get up on time. Now it's because I've got 3 people to get ready for the day instead of one!
X - X-​​rays you'​​ve had: Teeth, wrist and gall bladder.
Y - Yummy​ food you make:​​ I make lots of yummy​ food :)
Z- Zodia​c:​​ Cancer