Friday, April 17, 2009

A day late...

And don't they look happy about it! I should have posted this yesterday, but I got busy and forgot, so it's a day late. The other exciting thing that happened yesterday was that my brother Skyler got his mission call! Unfortunately, the stinker is making all of us wait until tomorrow night to hear where he's going! He swears he's not going to peak, but I don't think he can do it. You can see a video of him getting it in the mail on his blog to the right. I'll let you know where he's going tomorrow! I can't wait. I can't believe my baby brother is leaving us for two years!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sometimes no news is a good thing

Yay! Bailey bug is off her oxygen. She's so cute when she sleeps!
Playing at the park. They were so worn out when we got home.
I love that sweet little smile!
Even the baby size bunny ears didn't fit :( 
It seems like so much has happened the past 6 months, that it's nice to finally kind of settle down. The girls both recovered quickly from their bronchitis, but not before passing it on to Daddy who ended up getting pleurisy from it. The infection got into the lining of his lungs and he was in excruciating pain all the time. He would wake up at 3 am doubled over in pain. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do for it except wait it out which can take over 2 weeks! He's finally feeling better.
Bailey has been off her oxygen for about 2 weeks now. I love having portable babies! We've gone shopping, to church, to the park, on lots of walks and to dinner with a friend. And it is sooo much easier bathing them. Because they are both off they finally sleep in their own room. They absolutely love sleeping in their crib and will sometimes cry until we lay them in there. They calm down immediately. Daddy and the dog are also sleeping better with them in their own room. I am the only one who is getting even less sleep than before. I am constantly getting up to check on them, and I get paranoid when they don't make any noise.
Easter weekend was so much fun. A very dear family friend (she's been part of our family for almost 23 years!) came to visit. The girls loved her and were always smiling and giggling with her. She went shopping with my mom, sister, me and the girls on Saturday. We had the girl's picture taken with the Easter bunny. We all went to church together on Sunday and then had a big family dinner. She left Monday and we all miss her already!