Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Easter!

So with the crappy weather, it sure doesn't feel like Easter, but the calendar doesn't lie right? Is this year flying by for anyone else? I feel like we make it through one holiday and the next one is already upon us. This Easter was fun though because the girls could participate a little bit more. We had a small egg hunt in the backyard with eggs that Michael and I colored. It was so cute to see them get so excited when they found an egg and they were so proud to put it in their baskets. As far as other news, Bailey is working on teeth numbers 7 and 8 right now and Reagan is catching up with #5. Needless to say they are both kind of grumpy. They are both walking (okay, more like running) and they are always into everything. They keep me super busy, especially with Daddy being at work now. Their new favorite thing is to stick their hands in the toilet and suck the water off before somebody catches them. Why don't we just keep the toilet lids closed you ask? Good question; because we have a dog who is incapable of drinking out of anything but the toilet. Seriously. He will sit there dying of thirst until somebody lets him to the toilet. Guess it's time to retrain the dog, because I gag just thinking about the girls hands in there. Anyway, they're still a ton of fun and they light up our lives. Our next exciting milestone will be going to nursery after April 16th. Woohoo, Mommy and Daddy are excited!

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